There aren’t many words that will make me go back for a second look but calling a track ‘Dublicker’ is one of those sure-fire ways to make me do a double take. Obviously i’m going to blog about this track because it’s a Dubstep remix of the controversial ‘Windowlicker’ by Aphex Twin. Not that it was really that controversial, it was only the name and the insane video that really had pressure groups down their knitting and get excited.

However another good reason to blog this tune is that the group or person who put this remix together has chosen to stay anonymous. This was actually brought out on a nondescript white label vinyl, with just a little title on the front and obviously someone got hold of it and went “digitizie that!”. Good fucking work too, because there’s something humbling about a tune with no fanfare, banner waving or press release stating who just remixed their same-same-insert-genre-here track.

That’s not to say this isn’t any good, well the first minute is kinda meandering and you start to think maybe there was a reason the producer wanted to stay anonymous but then at the 2:35 mark it suddenly picks up and it all makes sense by catapulting you into Dub-heaven.

God the more I listen to this the more I love it. Seriously whoever put this together, stand up! Be recognised!

Unknown Artist Vs Aphex Twin Dublicker

4th Level Zombie

5 Responses to “Dublicker”

  1. Did you know that the creepy Richard D James faced bitch in this video is actually Brian Friedman, the choreographer from the X Factor?

    Fact of the day, kids!

  2. If he would have me, i would be at that creepy Richard D James’ feet at all times

  3. unknown artist. Says:

    Someone has found the artist’s behind the track!

    please check the missingtoof blog, here is the link!


  4. […] even more dubstep! Not quite a jaw dropping ‘anonymous remix‘ like the ones from comrade 4thlevelzombie, this track is actually taken from […]

  5. Weird faces Says:

    All i’m saying is, is that face used to annoy me soooo badly!! I’d be trying to have a wank when I was liek 14, not now ofcourse, really not now. Anyways, 14 tyring to have a wank on the strippers he had in his limosine, that old, old video from time ago. And then the girls face’s would morph into the weirdo joker, jack nicholson joker, type face. Turn of, if there was ever a turn of.

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