Dubstep in the Dark

Jesus! I thought I had my fill of Dubstep mixes this year, but as if posting the Aphex Twin Dubstep remix named Dublicker wasn’t enough, this little gem peeked over the horizon, then came running up and slapped me in the face out of nowhere. Again this remix is from an unknown producer (what is wrong with these dubstep folk, don’t they want any glory?).

Now this is how I like my dubstep, dark and dirty with menacing overtones like a mugging is about to take place. Unfortunately the track sort of falls apart at the end but the first three minutes are brutal without being groundbreaking. Having said that Proxy’s original wasn’t exactly a fluffy little kitten, so bastardising it with dubstep is just going to end in humiliation for your ears but its well worth the listen.

Proxys ‘Dancing in the Dark’ is an absolute killer tune which I would have loved to have heard live, especially after hearing the reaction from the crowd when it dropped at I Love Techno on this mixtape. So this remix is a right little treat.

And because we’re so nice we threw in the original for comparison without the download link, you can go and buy it when Proxy’s album gets released soon, cheapskate. As a bonus have a butchers at the Bloody Beetroots remix of ‘Who Are You’ which is out now.

Proxy Dancing in the Dark

ProxyDancing in the Dark (Unknown Dubstep Refix)

ProxyWho Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

4th Level Zombie



One Response to “Dubstep in the Dark”

  1. That Proxy remix is the OlliE! & Bare Noize VIP isn’t it? 🙂

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