Crookers doing Dubstep? No way! Yes way!

Wow even more dubstep! Not quite a jaw dropping ‘anonymous remix‘ like the ones from comrade 4thlevelzombie, this track is actually taken from Crooker’s next album, Tons of Friends, which sees them hook up with all their famous buddies to make their fantastic brand of fidget nothing sure of celebtacular.

In my eyes, Crookers are like the Elton John of dance music. I can’t explain this but I just get that feeling. Perhaps a better comparison is ‘Italy’s answer to David Guetta’ now they have a stream of famous names wanting to get in on their electro-action.

This is another track from the forthcoming album. Until now I had no idea this was Crookers!

No Security featuring Kelis is more dubstep than fidget which is an interesting departure from their usual hoover heavy cheese grater tracks. It’s nice to see Crookers doing something different, and it’s great to have Kelis back again, she’s as talented as she is hot and she is one hot tamale.

Crookers ft Kelis – No Security



2 Responses to “Crookers doing Dubstep? No way! Yes way!”

  1. Dead Ardent Lox Says:

    Hey guys,

    your download link for No Security is only 1.3MB?

  2. That is weird! But that’s just how it ripped from the promo! :¬) x

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