Wave Machines

Wave Machines are a great little scouse ‘rock’ band who have had a string of strong releases this year. The first song I heard was ‘Punk Spirit’, which is a rousing, tongue in cheek call to arms that tackles many of lifes issues by just questioning – ‘Where is my punk spirit when I need it?’. Shit man, if we all thought this whenever something bad happened to us we’d never moan about a thing! In fact – when I’ve been in that kind of situation, I’ve even used that thought – and it worked! (Kind of). Seriously, give it a go – it gives you a different outlook on moaning.

ANYWAYS – My fave tune that they’ve done has got to be ‘I go I go I go’. Originally released in 2008, they went back in the studio to re-record it and then re-released it earlier this year. It’s a quirky, cheeky, happy little tune. I reckon these guys could do big things and have certainly caused a stir this year when they released their debut album ‘Wave if you’re really there’.

So anyway, here are the tracks – see what you think!

Wave Machines – I go I go I go

Wave Machines – Punk Spirit




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  1. carl (the bald one with a beard) is my cousin!

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