Greg Wilson is a dude.

That’s right. Greg Wilson is an absolute dude. I think I’ve let myself down a little bit in the past because I’ve never really tucked into all the amazing edits that he’s done. That was until last weekend, when I was lucky enough to be subjected to the whole of ‘Credit To The Edit – Vol 2′ at my best pals’ bar. Guys – It is stonkingly good. It’s an album well worth buying. What’s more is that you can easily get hold of his other edits for free on Soundcloud.

So if you’re like me, and have had your head in the sand all these years, then let us enlighten your lives with these little ditties. They’re pure house grooves – and although that may be enough to put most people (including myself) off – don’t be. The tunes are perfectly weighted, made (edited) by a man who has been at the top of his game for a generation. Listen to this and picture yourself at a sun soaked pool party in Ibiza/Miami sipping cocktails…


(can’t get the media players to work on this post! Grrrr. Oh well – you’ll just have to download them then!)

Crazy P – Lady T (Greg Wilson edit)

Escort – Starlight (Greg Wilson edit)




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