AC Slater – Play the record again

AC Slater’s latest track ‘Play the Record Again’ is a proper bouncy, bassline number which I’m sure will set dance floors a light. The Trouble & Bass crew member samples a rant from a very angry Henry Rollins posing the question “Which came first? Shitty rave music or the drugs?” Rollins continues his bitter tirade on dance music only to have AC Slater flip it so that he actually ends up praising the tune – Genius. Have that Rollins!

AC Slater Play the Record Again




2 Responses to “AC Slater – Play the record again”

  1. Henry Rollins is an angry man…

    remember this?

  2. knockturnal Says:

    Yes i do, he’s a very angry man indeed. To be fair i *probably wouldn’t say “Have that Rollins” to his face…

    *definitely wouldn’t

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