Rainbow Arabia Comes to Daddy

For those of you who are not aware of Rainbow Arabia, they are a married duo called Danny and Tiffany Preston. A project fairly named for its filtration of Middle Eastern-rooted music through a prism of computerized sonic tics and tatters.

Their recent album Kabukimono was a really refreshing surprise for me as I wasn’t so keen on their debut EP Basta. It’s bright, colorful, multicultural and Tiffany’s voice really is a mighty brute of power to be reckoned with. Her screams and chants result in what can only really be described as a mixture of Karen O and MIA with a sprinkle of the industrial avant-garde sounds of Gang Gang Dance, just for kicks.

Anyway, the real reason that i wanted to write a little piece about this fabulously different two piece, is due to their single Omar K and its ridiculously genius video. The single is by far my favorite record of theirs with it’s African spiked electro guitar and Tiffany Prestons demonically spine tingling yelps and cries – it is an absolute must hear. As for the video, well take a look yourself, I defy you not to have a little snicker at it’s goofy “come to daddy” style annihilation of the local grocery store. Loves it!

Rainbow ArabiaOmar k (Ghosts on tape remix)

Rainbow Arabia Kabukimono




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