Deadmau5’s long songs

Deadmau5 has been a busy boy, chucking out some quality tracks that are getting remixed and refixed and any other kind of ‘re’ you can think of. By now WANARB readers should already be well versed on Deadmau5, after Knockturnal blogging about him a while back here. Just recently he’s released a new EP titled ‘At play Volume 2’ featuring some lengthy DJ songs from various artists and some of his own. One in particular is ‘Strobe’, this track is for those of you who enjoy long build-ups and dancing aimlessly at Space.

Not really my thing, as I quite like my tracks short and intense. If they’re not, then I like the DJ to cut & shut his mixes,  jump from one to the next in an A-Trak stylee. However Plump DJ’s have worked their magic and produced a very nice fidget house remix. This will satisfy the Electro masses who don’t want to wait 10 minutes until the next track. A Drum and Bass remix is supplied by DJ Marky & S.P.Y (which in all honestly is a bit dull, but I’m not really a D&B head, so maybe I’m missing something?) There’s even a nice little trance pop remix by David Mayne (which is good… if you like your ears bleeding?) Winner.


DeadMau5Strobe (Plump Dj’s Remix)

DeadMau5Strobe (David Mayne Remix)

DeadMau5Strobe (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)

4th Level Zombie



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