Christmas with Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse is probably the most under-rated singer/songwriter of his generation. The 37 year old has had eleven, yes, 11 albums, and they’re all fantastic. Most of the albums are commentary on where he’s living, ‘Subtiluo’ when he moved to Spain, (titular song from new album ‘Valencia’ is sang entirely in Spanish), ‘Dressed up like Nebraska’ from his home town, and ‘Nashville’ which is rather self explanatory. Each album also features one photo, sketch, painting, of him, showing him at the time the album was recorded, to chronicle him and how he has physically changed over the years. Take this how you like (either egotistical, or self reflective), you cannot take away from the man’s talents.

I’ve digressed a little, I love Josh Rouse, and it’s a chance for me to get you to pay him some attention, which I’m doing by featuring his track “Christmas with Jesus” on our 12 Days (leading to) Christmas feature.

It’s a brilliantly low key track, beautifully arranged with many layers of instruments and little subtleties you only hear after multiple listens. It’s indicative of the album is comes from “Under Cold Blue Stars”. If you like it, his most accessible album, or ‘AK47’s favourite’ is ‘Nashville’, go buy it for yourself this Christmas

Josh Rouse Christmas with Jesus


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