Kap Bambino

French duo Kap Bambino make rip-roaring music, no doubt about that. My pals went to see them live at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch a month or so ago, sadly I had to miss out due to other commitments (review of that night is here).

The only good thing about the fact I had to miss it is that I hadn’t heard much of their stuff back then so didn’t really know what I was losing out on. However, I have heard their stuff now – and dammit I wish I was there! This tune – Batcaves – is pure uptempo, vibrant Electroclash (am I allowed to use that genre name anymore? Ok – how about electro-punk? You get the idea). Crazed blonde Martial Caroline’s accent totally complements the manic theme of their music, making these guys unique and instantly recognisable.

Go to their myspace and check them out – including their photo’s  – seems like they’re just as mental as their music.

Kap Bambino – Batcaves

Wanna hear a wicked remix of Batcaves? Click here.




One Response to “Kap Bambino”

  1. Absolutely smashing it! Go McMENTAL! Jox x McRox

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