‘I make love longer than Prince’, is a claim Flairs frontman Lionel Flair repeats continuously on their single ‘Better than Prince’, which is pure awesome. But I’m not here to talk about that, oh no. I’m here for the Alex Gopher remix of Truckers Delight.

Curious, that is all that can be used to describe this remix, it’s a bit short, it’s a bit dirty, it’s a bit synth and its a bit 8-Bit

I like it, but am unsure exactly where I’d like to hear it, you can’t stomp one out, wobble all over the place, groove or shout “Yes!” at intermittent intervals during its 3:35 timeline.

I’d say it’s an interesting track, and you should give it a listen, some pieces hark back to old house, others to rolling bass of modern electro and horns, horns a plenty, fog horns at that. Great. On multiple listens, I think you could most certainly do the Truck Horn manoeuvre that Knockturnal has perfected over the years, and that, my friends, is reason enough for it to be played out.

Flairs Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix)


Better than Prince

Truckers Delight

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