Introducing: Sebastian Lind

I meant to blog about Sebastian Lind a while back, but just never got around to finishing the post off. When I decided that today would be a good day to finish it and get it posted, I thought it would be best to check if he had any new tracks that I could include, so onto Google I go, and type in ‘Sebastian Lind’. What a surprise that this post was #2, “Wow,” I thought “I just MUST get this new post up about him, if we’re 2nd on Google when you type in his name, surely we’re duty bound to actually feature something on him”. So here we go, a Sebastian Lind post for you.

Sadly, there are no new tracks to write about and post, there are just the two that I came across back in early November. I’ve scoured his MySpace, and apart from it being in Danish, I can’t really tell anything about him except he’s ‘Elektronisk pop-rock med et tvist af singasongwriter’ and he’s only got 344 friends.
I also believe that he’s releasing a single ‘Stop these Feet’ which you can listen to on his MySpace.

It’s nice music, not exactly Top of the Pops music (which is a good thing when it looks like that’s the route Island want Erik Hassle to follow), it’s much more heartfelt, soulful, minimalist electronica and guitars. Like with Trophy Boyfriend, they’re solid songs with a lot of promise and being signed to a smaller label, they may not have the marketing clout behind them, but they should develop and hold onto their own artistic integrity.

So the tracks, ‘Stay’ which is a Janus Dyg remix, who’s a Danish producer, who’s also in a band called Niepoort, who just so happen to sound absolutely gorgeous and I will most certainly bring you something on them when I get the time. Check out their MySpace to see what I mean. Beautiful.

Sebastian Lind Stay (Janus Dyg Remix)

The second track is a demo called ‘Unseen’ which is stripped back to just guitar and singer. Its pretty wonderful.

Sebastian Lind Unseen

I’d like to say Sebastian will be big next year, but I doubt it, tiny steps, tiny steps are good sometimes. I’ll be keeping my ear out for any new tracks, which you can be sure I’ll get posted right away, and not wait two months to post.


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