I’m not an MC, but I’d like to kiss Uffie

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for a booming new year! We certainly are – expect to find most of the team down at Bugged Out! at various points of new years day, some rested, others desperately trying to power through to the bitter end. Ouch.

Anyhoo – as Christmas is over (bar the dodgy Walt Disney films), I think we should get back to the real world and fatten you guys up with some serious tunage. My pal sent me this new track by Anna-Catherine Hartley, AKA Uffie, a week or so before Christmas and it has been on repeat on my ipod ever since. It was single-handedly the theme tune to my Christmas shopping bonanza. Fucking love it.

Her new single, ‘MC’s Can Kiss’ is due for release in February 2010 and is produced by none other than the French legend and demi-god Mr Oizo. It’s full of his typical quirky beats and rythms that makes his music so fun to listen to. It’s been a while since we posted anything by Oizo here on WANARB – if you go back to spring/summer last year you’ll see tons of his tunes littered across our pages. Uffie spits her usual self-gratifying lyrics – not that it’s a bad thing, she is probably talking the truth after all. Personally, I think this is her best work yet.

Play it LOUD!

Uffie – MC’s Can Kiss

Here’s a little cheeky remix by Zombie Disco Squad:

Uffie – MC’s Can Kiss (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

And as I’m still in the mood for giving (and not just to Uffie), here’s her CLASSIC track – Ready To Uff – that she made with Feadz. BIG

Uffie – Ready To Uff




P.S. If this is my last blog of 2009, I’d like to say a big thank you for reading our ramblings over the last 10 months or so – we love you all. Big things to come from WANARB in 2010… Stay tuned.

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