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Beats on cue

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Producer’s of the moment – BeatauCue, were not something I was too familiar with until I heard their remix of Noob & Brondinski’s ‘Peanuts Club’. That filthy tune got pumped out on every mix from ‘I Love Techno‘ like it was gonna disappear the next day!

And I’m not surprised it got hammered, because if you’ve become bored of current same-same style of music that’s being regurgitated at the moment like I have, then the post-banger, trippy electro produced by this duo will be right up your street.

BeatauCue have gone from strength to strength in the last half of 2009, with remixes from big name artists like Drop the Lime, Crookers and Major Lazer.

Now into 2010, they have produced another remix for Boys Noize’s ‘Kontact Me’ that’s due for release soon. Unfortunately all there is at the moment is a YouTube video to wet your appetite.

Want MP3’s now?! check out the other remixes from BeatauCue below including the newest production, Jennifer Delano’s Amsterdam :

Jennifer DelanoAmsterdam (BeatauCue Remix)

Noob & BrondinskiPeanuts Club (BeatauCue Remix)

Drop the LimeDevils Eyes (BeatauCue Remix)

CrookersLay your hands on me (BeatauCue Remix)



Introducing: Best Coast

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Yes, West is Best. Not in terms of London though, oh hell no, in terms of which side of the US to live on. *now if only they could relocate NYC to the west*

I want to live in California, I’d go to all the places that American TV and Film has shown me over the years, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, Big Sur, hang at cool underground bars with surf rock bands and have the time of my life before I get ‘too old for this shit’. It’ll probably never happen, but I can dream. What helps with the dreaming (apart from watching ‘Californication’) is bands like ‘Best Coast’ who make me ache for the sun, the surf and cool beer. They make me damn this cold weather and transport me to a better place, where there aren’t delays on the Central Line, and the living is easy.

Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)

Best Coast This is Real




Introducing: City Light

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From hints of  the Flaming Lips – ‘Soft Bulletin’ on the vocals and drum beats, to the electronic synths and guitars used much like Ben Gibbard’s favourite band, Electric PresidentCity Light (not to be confused with City Lights) have not exploded onto the scene, rather started to make waves. And with the swell provided by music blogs such as ourselves, this should hopefully increase in size – leading to nothing but good things for the band. Good things which are 100% deserved, unlike some of the good things those ‘celebrity’ Big Brother housemates will experience upon exiting the house. If only they could all get the ‘Jo O’Meara Experience’, and then I’d be one happy blogger.

We were sent City Light’s album ‘Burned out Bright’ a month ago, I’ve been listening to it daily, it’s tremendous. I’ve got a few tracks here for your pleasure, I’d be certain to keep an eye on them this year – especially in the summer, but for now, let them take you away somewhere nice.

City Light – I See You

City Light – Apologies

If you like what you hear, City Light’s debut album is released on the 20th of Jan, get it here!




Fake Justice.

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So the ‘new’ Justice track that’s been floating around has finally been confirmed as fake. Facebook updates from the duo’s and Ed Bangers page have confirmed this track to be sorely lacking in Justice. Good! I’m glad! Honestly the tune really wasn’t that exciting and I would have been mightily fucked off if this was all they had to show after 2 years of making shit DVD’s/getting smashed/being in the studio.

On the face of it this isn’t a terrible track, but it’s not exactly groundbreaking either, so who fucking cares even if it was a Justice release? Now all the blogs who threw caution to the wind and posted the fake tune are getting rinsed for their stupidity. Although in fairness,  if you got sent a Justice promo from a legitimate looking Ed Banger email address, you’d probably post it up as well.

It also goes to show that it isn’t difficult to sound like Justice and if the rumours are true, (they’re probably not) Justice wont be releasing their new album this year anyhow. Which begs the question, if it’s this easy to sound like Justice, why don’t we all have crack? It’s not like the boys are rushing to release anything…

Fake Justice TrackBeginning of the End

4th Level Zombie.



Clash the Disko Kids : Spring 2 thousand 10 Mixtape

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I am a self-confessed super fan of CTDK. It’s like the trio drilled into my mind, had a good poke around, then produced and mixed exactly the kind of music that I love hearing.  This should have been a Mixtape Monday, but I selfishly went to watch Fools Gold at Pure Groove monday night instead.

However it’s a good enough mixtape to put up any day of the week. Their usual mixes are hard, dirty techno, with a ton of new releases that seem to cross their greasy palms before anyone else. Not this mixtape though, it’s like they’ve come over all soft and decided to take a more relaxed approach. Ease themselves into the new year, a detox mix if you like (detoxing is shite – HazMat I’m looking at you).

However, with tracks like Boys Noize’s ‘Transmission (Oizo Remix)’ and Sound of the Stereo’s ‘Velcro’ there’s still enough Bass-laden track ammo to keep you fired up. It may even bring you out of your self-imposed detox, you pussy!

Look out for the remixes of these tracks soon on the blog, big things!

4th Level Zombie.

Wazabi – Optimus

Sound of the Stereo – Velcro

Boys Noize – Transmission

Clash The Disco Kids Spring Mixtape

CTDK Spring Mixtape Tracklist after the jump


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WANARB caught Brooklynites MEN live at Madame JoJo’s, Soho last week and did a super exclusive interview with JD Samson of the band

Consisting of members of the already legendary act Le Tigre, the three piece sure had White Heat’s crowd fired up. Sporting a ‘SEMENYA‘ T-Shirt – JD Samson was “super duper psyched to play again in the UK” encouraging the audience to sing along, and the circus came when day-of-show Candy Bar recruits waved oversized cardboard cut-out hands with the mottos ‘Fuck Your Friends’ and ‘Silence = Death’ – the hyped crowd swung between moments of jubilation and rage. The band absolutely killed it >>>

Men – Credit Card Babie$

Read the interview

One life band

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I feel like we’re a little late with this tune. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and wanted to get it up straight away, but just haven’t been able to find the time. So for those of you who haven’t yet heard it, feast your ears. And if you have already heard it, well – you can still feast your ears because it’s amazing!

So – the mighty Hot Chip are due to release their new album ‘One Life Stand’ in February. Happy days. They’ve also announced a tour to co-incide with it (see below for details). You can bet your bottom dollar we shall be in attendance when they play in London!

As for their first single – I absolutely LOVE it. It’s been on repeat on my iPod now for weeks. So much so that I’ve even felt the need to tell people about how good it is or how much I like it – even when I know that they’re not gonna interested. (I actually did that exact thing a few nights ago in a cab and was greeted by a bunch of expressionless faces in a ‘you’ve just killed the conversation with that irrelevant comment’ kinda way). Listen and love.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand