Who are Beautiful Swimmers?

Life long buddy of mine, Mr Mattybooms Barker, has bought this rather pleasant little act called ‘Beautiful Swimmers‘ to my attention and I had to get you guys in on it too. Here, downtempo tropical disco rhythms reign supreme. The only problem is that it’s a bastard to find any of their tunes online…

My favourite song I’ve heard by these guys is called ‘Give it all you got’ (unfortunately couldn’t find a copy of it to share with you). After listening to it I could not get it out of my head. You simply HAVE to go to their myspace and listen to it, along with their other tunes. It’s all pretty amazing.

Whilst trying to do a bit of research on these guys, (which concluded in me only being able to tell you that they’re from Maryland, U.S. and ‘Beautiful Swimmers’ is a book by the late William W. Warner) I clicked a link on their myspace which directed me to their record label ‘futuretimes.org‘. Here, I found loads of downloadable disco edits – all of which seem pretty damn exclusive and probably don’t stay up on the site for very long.

Disco/nu-disco – whatever you want to call it – is a strange genre like that; so many songs are released and/or edited but are SOOOO hard to get hold of. Mysterious little labels pop up and press a bunch of limited vinyls, and due to the fact that these songs never make it into the digital world – once these records have sold out, that’s it, they’re gone forever. Who said vinyl was dead? Actually – me. But that was before I was enlightened (thanks Matt).

Disco DJ’s clearly have their work cut out, but I kind of like it because it adds a certain air of mystique to an already mysterious genre. So enjoy these songs peeps – I contacted these guys and hopefully they’ll be kind enough to send us a track or two in the future…

Beautiful Swimmers – O Yea

Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmers theme




2 Responses to “Who are Beautiful Swimmers?”

  1. Yo ! Thanks for profiling the SWIMMERS. Them boyz are beasts!

    Their vinyl is actually pretty easy to come by (their 12″ is still out there) and you can buy their tracks on Beatport.com. Just go to Beatport and search for them – you can also find other Future Times cuts to buy on there too!

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