The Cocksucker snooze.

Ok, so surprise surprise Katia the snoozer is up for this weeks Celebrity Big Brother eviction, she is possibly the most boring human being who has ever graced a television screen. Seriously what has the girl done either than fart and shack up with, surprise surprise another man who has a bob or two in his pocket, and they don’t even have the decency to grope at each other so we can see, it’s all that under the cover tomfoolery. Booooorrrrriiinnnng!

Anyhow, the only reason I’m giving that waste of oxygen a mention is because..

“the google proof,  London School of Economics have created one of the weirder dubstep tracks in recent memory, liberally sampling The Rolling Stones‘ “Cocksucker Blues” as well as Primal Scream. The video for the track is even stranger, featuring eerily slowed-down footage of Mick and the boys at New York’s Danceteria club in the early 1980s”(xlr8r)

…and let’s face it, the only reason that girl is on that show is because she sucked Ronnie Wood’s cock, so there you go there’s your not so weird and slightly obvious link of the day, and a cracking tune and video to go with it. And without our beloved Katia I wouldn’t have remembered to blog the track, so she does have some sort of use/purpose – result!

London School of Economics – Cocksucker (The Rolling Stones X Primal Scream)


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