Mishka presents ‘Crookers’ Keep Watch Vol. XV

Whilst cruising lazily around the internet for some form of life or at least some new music, I happen upon Mishka. They’ve released another Keep Watch Volume which is mostly a promotional tool for selling their wares. A big artist is usually tasked with putting together a mini mix for Mishka and this time around its Crookers.

This will appeal to Knockturnal, he may even start frothing at the mouth slightly, considering he has a soft spot for the Mishka brand and Crookers Bass-laden style of music. I’m sure Knockturnal will be buried in Mishka branded caps and tee’s, with a Crookers remix sending him off. His arm, stiff with rigamortis, still pumping the air. A grim thought maybe but it’s how he would want to go.

I don’t know how he’ll feel about this minimix though. Crookers are best known for hard/dirty/ fidget beats but following the trend of earlier Keep Watch Volumes, Crookers have changed their style and produced a polished LA Dubstep/Hip-Hop mix. Either way I’m sure it wont hurt the sales of the Mishka branded, limited edition Crookers clothing that goes up for sale this month.

Anyhow enough talk, I’ve loaded up a few tracks from the mix including the fantastically named ‘Clunge’ from SDUK. (Watch out for the Bombaman’s remix of this track, sheer class) :

Crookers Ft Miike SnowRemedy (Numan Remix)

Crookers Ft KelisNo Security (Rustic Remix)

Joker3K Lane

DownlinkGamma Ray Burst


Crookers Keep Watch Vol. XV

4th Level Zombie.





One Response to “Mishka presents ‘Crookers’ Keep Watch Vol. XV”

  1. Krass! Hätte ich garnicht gedacht…

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