The Glitch Mob are Coming…

LA based crew ‘The Glitch Mob’ are coming to the UK. For those not fully aware of who they are, the Glitch Mob are made up of DJ’s edIT, Ooah and Boreta. They make Glitchy, Electro infused Hip-Hop (borrowing elements from Break Beat and Dub Step) and sound pretty much unlike anything else out there at the moment. Put simply, their beats are sick. Below is a mixtape and a couple of remixes they put out last year which give you a good idea of what they’re about.

The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode Mixtape

TV on the Radio – Red Dress (Glitch Mob Remix)

STS9 – Beyond Right Now (Glitch Mob Remix)

Thanks to their live shows where they reguarly ‘Slay crowds’  it’s seen them build up a wordwide following in the space of just a few years. While it can often be said that watching guys behind laptops isn’t that exciting, The Glitch Mob are known for having the same kind of stage presence as a live band. I can’t wait to see them play Ultra Festival in March but if you don’t fancy having to fly to the States to see them you can catch them in the UK on the following dates:


Jan 22 – 
Matter, London, UK facebook
Jan 23 – The Copper Rooms, Warwick University, UK facebook
Jan 26 – Foundry & Fusion, Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK
Jan 27 – Union @ Fabric, London, UK
Jan 29 – Remix
Remix in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK facebook
Jan 30 – Motion
Run @ Motion, Bristol, UK facebook

Crush Mode Track list:

1. The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode
2. Boreta – Bubblin in the Cut
3. edIT feat. J Dilla, Phat Kat and Dabrye – The Game Is Not Over
4. Fine Cut Bodies – Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix)
5. Kraddy – Steppin’ Razor
6. Ooah – Hacksaw
7. edIT – Headbanger’s Ball
8. Nalepa ‘Monday’ – The Glitch Mob Remix
9. Kraddy – Android Porn
10. Evil Nine feat EL-P – All The Cash – The Glitch Mob Remix
11. Lil Wayne – Lollipop – Nasty Ways* Remix
12. Matty G – West Coast Rocks – The Glitch Mob Remix



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  1. Hi, just read this article, found it on my usual surfing tangents.Hopefully I’ll see more of these posts on the net! Can’t wait to read through some more of these blogs…

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