Citadels are here.

Citadels are a London based band who conjour up a perfect blend of spacey-synth-indie-electro-pop (could I have just coined a new genre there? Hope not). Instant comparison? Think Flaming Lips for the 10’s.

Their arrival is just in time to ride the wave of electro-pop (god I hate genre names), a sound that is ever present at the moment and looks set to continue to flourish in 2010. But what stands Citadels up amongst the big boys is that their songs are bursting with anthemic choruses and catchy vocal hooks – showing signs of musical ability that is way beyond their years as a band.

They’re currently getting set to release their second single – an AMAZING tune called ‘The Chemical Song’, which is out on the legendary Pure Groove Records on March 1st (we heart Pure Groove). Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share or even stream that! (Go check their myspace if you wanna hear it) Gutted. Fear not though, because their nice singer, Mr Stefan Ferguson, gave us a couple of other tunes to share so you guys can get a taster of what they’re all about.

Keep an eye on this lot- we’re gonna be seeing much more from them in the year(s?) to come.

Citadels – Animal

Citadels – Golden Islands (not available for download at request of the band)




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