Solveig remixes exclusive to WANARB!

Mr Martin Solveig has a new album called ‘C’est La Vie’ and he’s been kind enough to pass it onto us, along with a bunch of remixes by some badass producers. But not only that, he’s letting us post a couple of the remixes exclusively here on WANARB. That’s right – this is the only place on the internet where you can legally download these two tracks without paying for them… So go on, grab yourselves a guilt free download! What a nice chap he is.

Previously, my only ‘encounter’ with Martin Solveig was many moons ago, with a tune called ‘I’m a good  man’ – a classic, bar, chilled funky house tune. I was intrigued to see what his new stuff would be like, and whether he had kept to that sound which served him so well in the past, or whether he had moved along with the times. On listening to the album, I was pleasantly surprised. The production is classy, and whilst it’s not an album packed full of stompers, the beats do pack a punch. This, combined with friendly bass lines that playfully bounce around, creates a recipe for feel good summertime house music. Just a shame the weather outside is so gash…

Anyway, onto the remixes! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Popof. So when I was told he was on remix duties I was obviously pretty excited. All of Popof’s tunes are laden with cheeky builds, drops and bass lines which are complemented by sheer techno stompage. He’s a total legend – in fact I’m pretty surprised that this is the first time he’s featured here on WANARB!

Martin Solveig – One.2.3.Four (Popof remix)

And here’s the Laidback Luke remix of Boys & Girls for all you house lovers…

Martin Solveig – Boys & Girls (Laidback Luke remix)




2 Responses to “Solveig remixes exclusive to WANARB!”

  1. Adrianlondon Says:

    No word of a lie, that is a phatty of a tune!! Specially played on my extra loud speakers!!

    This best be killed somewhere, sometime in the summer!

  2. Popof has the midas touch…

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