Clash the Disko Kids : Spring 2 thousand 10 Mixtape

I am a self-confessed super fan of CTDK. It’s like the trio drilled into my mind, had a good poke around, then produced and mixed exactly the kind of music that I love hearing.  This should have been a Mixtape Monday, but I selfishly went to watch Fools Gold at Pure Groove monday night instead.

However it’s a good enough mixtape to put up any day of the week. Their usual mixes are hard, dirty techno, with a ton of new releases that seem to cross their greasy palms before anyone else. Not this mixtape though, it’s like they’ve come over all soft and decided to take a more relaxed approach. Ease themselves into the new year, a detox mix if you like (detoxing is shite – HazMat I’m looking at you).

However, with tracks like Boys Noize’s ‘Transmission (Oizo Remix)’ and Sound of the Stereo’s ‘Velcro’ there’s still enough Bass-laden track ammo to keep you fired up. It may even bring you out of your self-imposed detox, you pussy!

Look out for the remixes of these tracks soon on the blog, big things!

4th Level Zombie.

Wazabi – Optimus

Sound of the Stereo – Velcro

Boys Noize – Transmission

Clash The Disco Kids Spring Mixtape

Julio Bashmore – Um’s Bongo Revenge
Rene Kuppens – Star Drumz
Sound of Stereo – Velcro (Miklx The Cat Remix)
Tim Healey & Felguk – Rio
Rock Massive – You Know Why
French Fries – Predador (BeatauCue Remix)
N.A.S.A – Whacadoin (Alvaro Remix)
Polymath – Katana
Boys Noize – Kontakt Me (BeatauCue Remix)
Wazabi – Optimus
Hyr2ogen & Fr3cky – Alzhelmer
Distrakt – Oh Shit
Boys Noize – Transmission (Mr Oizo Remix)
Geht’s Noch – Horny (Re-Keatched Edit)
Hiroki Esashika – Kazane (Disco of Doom Remix)
Clash The Disko Kids – Aneurysm
Robophil – Bright Lite



3 Responses to “Clash the Disko Kids : Spring 2 thousand 10 Mixtape”

  1. That sound of stereo tune is BIG!! Loving it.

  2. Velcro is a siiiick tune!! thumping from the first beat. U know u wanna throw mad shapes to this as it plays out on some function one speakers. Make sure u got a bottle of water for dehydration rehydration!!

  3. 4th level zombie Says:

    Sound of the stereo are the nuts! Velcro is a killer tune, see also zipper for a riot of a track. the live mix they did for I love techno 09 on soundcloud is still a favourite as well. Annoyingly theyre not playing in the uk in for a while. However they are playing social club in Paris, road trip? Road trip!

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