Introducing: Best Coast

Yes, West is Best. Not in terms of London though, oh hell no, in terms of which side of the US to live on. *now if only they could relocate NYC to the west*

I want to live in California, I’d go to all the places that American TV and Film has shown me over the years, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, Big Sur, hang at cool underground bars with surf rock bands and have the time of my life before I get ‘too old for this shit’. It’ll probably never happen, but I can dream. What helps with the dreaming (apart from watching ‘Californication’) is bands like ‘Best Coast’ who make me ache for the sun, the surf and cool beer. They make me damn this cold weather and transport me to a better place, where there aren’t delays on the Central Line, and the living is easy.

Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)

Best Coast This is Real




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  1. […] is Best, Coast I wrote about Best Coast back in January when the rain was in fact snow and the winds were arctic, all I […]

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