Introducing: City Light

From hints of  the Flaming Lips – ‘Soft Bulletin’ on the vocals and drum beats, to the electronic synths and guitars used much like Ben Gibbard’s favourite band, Electric PresidentCity Light (not to be confused with City Lights) have not exploded onto the scene, rather started to make waves. And with the swell provided by music blogs such as ourselves, this should hopefully increase in size – leading to nothing but good things for the band. Good things which are 100% deserved, unlike some of the good things those ‘celebrity’ Big Brother housemates will experience upon exiting the house. If only they could all get the ‘Jo O’Meara Experience’, and then I’d be one happy blogger.

We were sent City Light’s album ‘Burned out Bright’ a month ago, I’ve been listening to it daily, it’s tremendous. I’ve got a few tracks here for your pleasure, I’d be certain to keep an eye on them this year – especially in the summer, but for now, let them take you away somewhere nice.

City Light – I See You

City Light – Apologies

If you like what you hear, City Light’s debut album is released on the 20th of Jan, get it here!




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