Beats on cue

Producer’s of the moment – BeatauCue, were not something I was too familiar with until I heard their remix of Noob & Brondinski’s ‘Peanuts Club’. That filthy tune got pumped out on every mix from ‘I Love Techno‘ like it was gonna disappear the next day!

And I’m not surprised it got hammered, because if you’ve become bored of current same-same style of music that’s being regurgitated at the moment like I have, then the post-banger, trippy electro produced by this duo will be right up your street.

BeatauCue have gone from strength to strength in the last half of 2009, with remixes from big name artists like Drop the Lime, Crookers and Major Lazer.

Now into 2010, they have produced another remix for Boys Noize’s ‘Kontact Me’ that’s due for release soon. Unfortunately all there is at the moment is a YouTube video to wet your appetite.

Want MP3’s now?! check out the other remixes from BeatauCue below including the newest production, Jennifer Delano’s Amsterdam :

Jennifer DelanoAmsterdam (BeatauCue Remix)

Noob & BrondinskiPeanuts Club (BeatauCue Remix)

Drop the LimeDevils Eyes (BeatauCue Remix)

CrookersLay your hands on me (BeatauCue Remix)



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