Clique’s first remix

As any ex-pat of the  North West will tell you, there really is no place quite like Manchester. I often reminisce about amazing nights out I had there in the Northern Quarter, Sankey’s, the Warehouse Project (ok my friend and I never made it in there as the bouncer took one look at us and told us to get lost) and of course the now defunct Piccadilly 21s, where chavs and pregnant teens made the most of the bountiful drinks offers.

Manchester has a certain character like no other place; I for one was taken by the beautiful architecture of the city centre (marred spectacularly by the Jarvis Hotel that looms over the square like some sort of alien craft from the galaxy 1960s) and the gold shop in the old Arndale Centre (I never knew they made fist pendants as big as an actual fist). I could go on, but you don’t give a shit.

What you DO give a shit about are these sweet little remixes from Manchester clubnight Clique. They said: “We’ve finished our first remix, for up and coming Manchester electronic rock band MAY68’s song ‘Last Mile’.  We have taken the track, dressed it up in some of it’s best ‘going-out’ clothes, poured it a fancy cocktail and dragged it to the middle of the dancefloor for the first dance of the evening.”

As a sort of b-side, they’ve given the Clique treatment to David Bowie’s Loving The Alien, which is a bit moodier.  If you like these then check out their mixtapes. Or even better why not go party with them?! Every Friday at The Mint Lounge!

MAY68Last Mile (club clique you can dance remix)

David BowieLoving The Alien (club clique coeur de lion edit)

Kara Simsek.



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