Egyptian Lover and How’s My Raving? competition

Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows I love two things:

  • The 1980s
  • Rough men dripping with gold crowned with wet perms and barely contained in a nylon tracksuit

So it’s obvious I’m gonna adore The Egyptian Lover, innit? The Egyptian Lover is actually Los Angeles-based producer Greg Broussard who made breakdance favourites such as ‘Egypt, Egypt’, a slick merger of Kraftwerk-esque abstract electronica with the then still new beat-heavy sound of electro. A lot of his stuff is comparable to Afrika Bambaataa – it’s equally timeless and still sounds futuristic today nearly 30 years after it was conceived in Broussard’s genius mind.

Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt

Anyway, he’s playing next Friday 12th February at The Big Chill House in Kings X and is definitely worth checking out. Also on the bill are the HOW’S MY RAVING? crew, who have given us some sweet t-shirts to give away.

Wanna win one? Then email with the answer to the following question:

What’s good for breakdancing on?

a) A piece of lino

b) Shards of glass

c) Water

Kara Simsek.



3 Responses to “Egyptian Lover and How’s My Raving? competition”

  1. The answer is, of course A!

    I found out recently that the answer is not:

    On the day of your nan’s funeral.

  2. Face facts: There are gonna be plenty of worms under the ground, why not honour the miracle of decomposition on the surface with some sweet moves? You know your Grandad woulda joined in if the the NHS would hurry up with his freakin’ hip replacement!

  3. […] Chill House seems to be attracting a lot of good line ups at the moment. The other week it was Egyptian Lover, and tonight they’re hosting Slipped Disco’s new bi-monthly band and DJ night UFO. […]

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