Acid Washed

Parisian mystery duo Acid Washed released their debut single ‘General motors, Detroit, America’ a few months back now. It’s a hypnotic, space disco, little number that’s bound to be playing in chill out rooms across the country, as it’s the perfect track to let your heart beat calm down to.

However the video was officially released only recently. A mesmerizing exercise in Op Art for the French electronica outfit  by acclaimed British graphic designer and director Anthony Burrill, with the help of his regular filmmaking collaborator Paul Plowman and Zac Ella. The video has had mixed reviews, a lot of people have said it’s a pretentious piece of shit, which it may well be… But I say whatever, it has pretty colours and eighties shapes, what’s there not too like?

Have a look and listen and see what ya’ll think, also thrown in to the mix is the Gavin Russom (of DFA fame) remix of the flipside track Snake, which also features a dynamic performace from Berlin based vocalist Barbara Panther. Gavin gives us a throbbing 8 minute long latin house/disco remix. Enjoy.

Acid Washed – General motors, Detroit, America

Acid Washed – Snake (Gavin Russom remix)




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  1. […] I’ve been listening to all the remixes I can find of Acid Washed‘s General Motors, Detroit, America. Described as a “Parisian mystery duo,” Acid […]

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