Friday Website: 1,000 Tiny Things I Hate

Not much really needs to be said about Jon Brown’s blog. He started it a few years back and has challenged himself to 1,000 posts about tiny things he hates. Simple.

From novelty slippers and soul patches, to seasonal pornography and goths who go to Disneyland and act miserable, nothing is un-bloggable! Even Ken Bates’ neck gets a bashing, and by god it deserves it.

1,000 Tiny Things I Hate


2 Responses to “Friday Website: 1,000 Tiny Things I Hate”

  1. Knockturnal Says:

    I especially liked “the noise my dad makes at the end of films”

  2. I’m slightly annoyed that Phill Jupitus got away with only being abused for his ‘liking’ of baseball.

    He is an unfunny dickhead and a colossal, first class wanker.

    That is all.

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