Qui sont Chalet?

Bonjour mon amis! C’est HazMat d’ici, et j’ai parlez en Francais parce que nous avon un tres bien tune pour vous!

OK – enough of the French. What I’m trying to say is that we’ve been sent a rather fat little tune, that needs to be shared avec vous. It arrived in the form of a rather mysterious email which landed in our inbox a few days ago. The sender(s?) wrote nothing in the main body of the message, merely attaching a picture (above) and the tune (below). The sender goes by the name of ‘Au Contraire’ (which means ‘on the contrary’), and the subject was ‘Quelque Chose’ (meaning ‘something’).

ANYWAY – What I do know about this track is that it’s by ‘Chalet’ and it’s a fat-as-you-like French, squelchy, bumping acid house number. I love it. It made the brutal tube journey to work slightly more bearable this morning… That and winning loads of (pretend) money in the career mode on Virtual pool online on my iPhone. Yssssssss. (*sigh*)

Sacre bleu!

Chalet – Les Cheris


2 Responses to “Qui sont Chalet?”

  1. Like the track! sounds filth – !

  2. Yeah its me but I didnt send that message, this is funny 😛

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