The Duo Do Covers!

Howdy kids. Sorry for our absence as of late, We’ve been busy boys. The Play-Doh Launch night @ CATCH was huge and BEFORENOON‘s 1st Birthday @333 was, as we have come to expect from the B4N team, classic.

Anyways… I digress… I heard a cover version on a youtube link while I was looking for a Ramones video. It was by Jason Mraz. It brought out a very spitefull reaction in me as to the ‘softened’version he did. Let’s just say my reaction was opposite to the one Mraz intended by slowly and ‘meaningfully’ reproducing the wonderment and genius vocal of Joey Ramone. For want of a better simile he was more Deacon than Ramone [and I mean that in the most schoolboy way possible].

I’m being pro-active. There are good cover versions, just the good ones tend to be buried under bad memories of ‘Lady Marmalade’ being covered terribly 2 years in a row… If you don’t remember by who, then like bb winner alex reid, you are blessed by ignorance.


Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile) – Duran Duran.

Originally performed by Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley once appeared on stage to sing this with Duran Duran. I picked up a bootleg “Duran Duran’s Greatest Hit’s” cd in Miri, where random unlicensed compilation albums are cheap and plentifull [not that i’m advocating this]. Sometimes these would include fairly random live versions of the featured band, but the Duran Duran album… i thought it was either a misprint, or a joke that some pirating muso was having to his or herself. white Lines and Come Up and See Me… *got to be kidding me* i bought it immediately.

Having to pic from the two was easy [White Lines was shit]. The posted track holds your hand for about 1 minute and 38 seconds. it’s soothing and nice, you appreciate a fairly different approach to it, it has piano… lovely piano. The crowd seems to love it then solemnly simmer down to hear it. there’s a short silence at which point you remember you are listening to Duran Duran. I’m not going to spoil anything, just listen [and make sure your bass is up during the guitar solo, it’s very foot tappy for the drummer in you].

Wicked Game – Giant Drag.

From the ‘Hearts and Unicorns’ Album. This made Chris Isaac cooler than his guest appearance on Friends. Gave soppy love a pout, a cigarette and a leather jacket. Amazing play between calm and thrashing… and so, so soothing.

Since You Been Gone – Clout.

It’s not the most popular cover of this song, I love the Rainbow version and it was written by Russ Ballard on his Album ‘Winning’. I host a monthly open decks night and last week the venue Promoter played an [as usual] brilliant set. Spoon has fantastic taste in music. [he is still the only person to really perk up if i ever play ‘Bombers’ by Gary Numan at my rare, solo random sets. He also has brilliant obscure stuff on vinyl. like Since You Been Gone by Clout, an all-female South African Rock act of the late 70’s. Apparently they sold alot of records. on all things Clout i profess my own n00bness, but it is a great version. it has ‘doo-doo-doo-d’doo’s’ in it.

Satisfaction – Who Made Who.

The Benny Benassi Tune was huge, this was like a well produced, better timed, more attitudey live version of that. With more cowbell, baby. Chris Walken is never wrong. ‘I GOTTA have more cowbell, baby.’

Paint it Black – Mo-Dettes.

The band who were originally called ‘The Bomberettes’ were kind of cool. In the vein of the X-Ray Spex, the Slits [of which Kate Corris was also in] and I think I remember something about romantic links with Madness. Anyways, I love the ‘Stones song and it’s another fantastic cover. Kind of thing you’d want to haunt your own funeral like Kate Bush to.

Heard it Through The Grapevine – The Slits.

Which I first heard on the Trash Companion. It’s a really bassy dub version of a classic mo-town track. Actually saw them at Trash, it supported the theory that growing old gracefully doesn’t happen in all cases. At least everything else about the night was thouroghly enjoyable. Everything apart from the Slits… still, this was a great speaker test of a tune.

Hungry Like The Wolf – Hole.

From the MTV Unplugged Session. the *HUH* noises are hilarious and make you do little pelvic thrusts when you know they are coming. Brought to you a la ‘legs akimbo’ theatre co. it’s Courtney… This song doesn’t make me want to kill myself [*oh snap*]. Just kidding, Courtney Love was in 200 cigarettes, so she is win in my book. Also notice the full-circle duran duran undercurrent we got going there? Reel Big fish also covered the song, but skate-punk/ska/swing, winking, toungue-in-cheek covers are ten-a-penny, shooting fish in a barrell, etc.


Dame! Dame! Dame! [Amor Esta Noche] – Abba.
Played by Rory Phillips some years ago at a mailing list party. My mum played ALOT of Abba when i was little, as a result, i am in the minority of people who are Abba fans. I am constantly slated for this but I am in the right. Abba were quality. Their music is highly mathematical. In Spanish, it’s like seeing Les Cadbury’s Fingres when in a supermarket in Spain, it just makes you smile a bit.

Loco En El Coco [Loco El A Mente] – Cypress Hill.
‘Cuz I keep it Ol’ Skool, for realsies.



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