Zombie Zombie attack Glasgow tonight

...Well, only if you live in Scotland!

I’m sure the other horror loving members of Team WANARB are just as gutted as me that they are missing out on the Glasgow Music and Film Festival – esp as the musical side of things this year is putting special focus on the soundtracks of David Lynch and John Carpenter!

Tonight, Parisian musicians Zombie Zombie will perform a specially commissioned tribute to the music of John Carpenter alongside some of their own compositions. Like Carpenter, Zombie Zombie use sound and rhythm to explore the feeling of fear growing deep from within, like in a horror movie when you’re hiding in under a table from an enraged brute with an axe. They’re led by Professor Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman (from Herman Dune). A full audio visual show will accompany music from The Thing, Assault on Precinct 13 and Halloween amongst others – amazing!

Here’s their latest video, it’s The Thing but starring GI Joes. Probably one of the best videos ever!

Other highlights of the festival include Thomas Truax performing Tuesday 23rd February at Mono, King Street. His album, ‘Songs from the Films of David Lynch’,  is a celebration and renewal of some great songs such as Baby Please Don’t Go and Wicked Game from Wild at Heart, In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) from Eraserhead and Audrey’s Dance from Twin Peaks. God I love Twin Peaks – I wish I lived there instead of freakin’ Dalston!

Kara Simsek



One Response to “Zombie Zombie attack Glasgow tonight”

  1. The Zombie Zombie gig is actually this Thursday 18th Feb for any Glasgow-based people. For any non-Glasgow people, should be getting a full recording of the show so no-one misses out. It’s all good.

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