Booyaka, Booyaka! Junglist Granny…

When HazMat set up the WANARB facebook group last year, he wrote in the description:

“Welcome to We Are Not A Rock Band – a regularly updated music blog that supplies its readers not only with free upfront mp3’s to download (often pre-release, if not recent), but also anything else that is of interest – be it live gig reviews, album reviews, funny videos, dancing grannies or any other bullshit that we deem somehow important or relevant…”

Now I know we’ve posted plenty of mp3’s, there’s definitely been some gig and album reviews, and we can tick off funny videos too. However, I’m pretty sure we’ve never had any dancing grannies on WANARB? So it gives me great pleasure to present (as previously promised) a dancing granny! So there you go, a first on WANARB and a hilarious/bizarre video to boot. Shame on the person that made it though, for crediting the music as “Ali G – Jungle is massive” and not “General Levy – Incredible”.


2 Responses to “Booyaka, Booyaka! Junglist Granny…”

  1. I didn’t think that would be the first thing i watched today! Massive!

  2. hate to break this to you knockturnal – but technically we have had a dancing granny here on w.a.n.a.r.b. in the very early days…

    but then i guess it’s not a video so it’s fine….

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