No card? Hmmpff!

Despite bearing a striking resemblance to the woman on the book, Simsek was yet to meet a man who had such panache .

I really only want a boyfriend at around four key times of the year – Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and my birthday. Hmmm, what’s the common theme here? Yeah, that’s right, mofucking GIFTS. Project Christmas boyfriend failed miserably, and it looks like project V-Day boyfriend has also crashed and burned considering I’m sat in bed with my cat and a tube of Pringles. Better start scouting for someone to fill the Easter vacancy.

In the meantime… this one’s going out to all the ‘sad sacks’ out there. It’s an often overlooked gem from 1984 and arguably one of the most depressing songs ever written.

Happy Valentine’s Day. And just remember, it’s better to be alone than stuck with a psycho for the rest of your life.

Kara Simsek.

2 Responses to “No card? Hmmpff!”

  1. Happy Valentines day Kara!

    Wise words – no-one likes a psycho! (although temporarily they can be fun)

  2. Yeah, ask anyone that’s ever ‘been involved’ with me and they’ll totally agree with that!

    Happy VD Hazmattttttt

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