The Human League = Legends

I heard this tune whilst out at a warehouse party in Shoreditch recently – and instantly made a b-line for the DJ booth to find out what it was. When I was told that it was The Human League I was pleasantly surprised (whilst obviously giving off the impression that I had known all along). This is an absolute beast of a tune, and isn’t one that they are exactly famous for.

It took me ages to hunt it down too, going first for the original – which isn’t as good, then trawling through all the remixes until finally finding the ‘original dub edit’.

In my opinion, this is The Human League’s best tune.

The Human League – The things that dreams are made of (Original dub edit)




8 Responses to “The Human League = Legends”

  1. Lame – the music player doesn’t work with this tune…

  2. what an absolute tune!! thank you!!!!

  3. This is one of their best songs. ❤ it xx

  4. love it! same album as love action, open heart and don’t you want me. a must have!

  5. amazing tune

  6. licklepinkpixie Says:

    now do you finally understand why i watched them live 3 times in 2008

  7. we saw them at v festival but they weren’t that great. could’ve been the comedown…

  8. Seiminal album… you should also check out Tube Boy Army (Numan)

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