Some months ago, whilst trawling through the vastness of the interweb on the hunt for something new and exciting to wrap my ears around, I happened to stumble on the MySpace on a Guildford based Dubstep outfit called Coda. Having been instantly blown away by their tunes I decided to go and check out one of their shows only to discover that they aren’t just your run of the mill DJ/Producer combo but in fact are a full band!

This proved to be a bit of a shock because what stands out immediately about this group is that they sound exactly the same on record as they do live. This is no mean feat, as they have chosen to use breaks and samples in accompaniment to the live drumming of their rhythm section – Kerry Edwards.

Coda tunes are a hearty mix of tightly produced dancefloor sounds with live drums, brass and guitar sections.  The consistency of their live shows is in my mind one of their major strengths and is what has been the downfall of many other crossover bands that have come and gone before.

The backbone of their eerie and deep sound is the studio skills of producers DEKKO and INTEGER. With a wealth of Drum n Bass releases under his belt on formidable labels such as Frequency, Diverse Products, 31, Rubix and a forthcoming release on Noisia’s new label Invisible, Dekko is well placed to be triggering samples on stage, while Integer takes a more active roll by jamming synth lines and sequencing the track. The guitars and trombone are both being affected by Dekko’s computer so that he can control delay sends and reverb that are precise and well executed, so as to create a deep, textured blend of live sounds.

If you happen to be doing the festivals this summer then keep an eye out for them as they have several unconfirmed dates, but if you cant wait ’til then they will be performing at the next A.L.A.N. @ Hidden in Vauxhall on April ’10.

Coda – Jah Clip




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