I’m sure all WANARB readers know who they are … *Manchester nerds with an affinity for big words* (like Halcyon and Ephemera) *euphoric rave combined seamlessly with guitars* (nothing new there then) except … with a glut of media hype. Oh that’s how band’s get big and famous!

For my media gullibility and sins, Delphic’s Acolyte which was released in January, has been getting quite a bit of attention on my part. Full length album closer ‘Remain’ cannot be found anywhere for free download, and indeed the only way I could bring it to you was via YouTube video. Brick wall no.2 : the ‘video’ already on there was a still shot of their album cover and I figured you guys wouldn’t be into that. So, I am slightly embarrassed  to say I turned my hand to iMovie for an evening …

It’s not the best video you’ll ever see (Delphic videos as a rule are not) and Halcyon is certainly not the biggest word you’ll ever see but this is a brilliant example of post-modern existentialism captured in song. Ahem … I think I may have fallen in love with this track >>>




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