Harry Benson mixtape and killer remix

Harry Benson, the likely lad (sorry) from Leeds – who I just found out is actually from my neck of the woods – Stevenage/Hitchin (see – all the best people are from around there) has been causing a bit of a stir recently. He’s has done a WICKED remix of Claude Von Stroke’s ‘Vocal Chords’ which you need in your record box. We did a little feature on him a while back (which you can read / grab tunes here), and since then, his profile has been growing and growing. There’s certainly a buzz around this chap at the moment…

Listen to this and you’ll see why.

Claude Von Stroke – Vocal Chords (Harry Benson remix)

Here’s his February mix – I’ve been LOVING this at work today.

Harry Benson – February mixtape

Nothing of his has actually been released yet – so unfortunately I can’t supply you with any retail links. However, he informs me that some remixes and an E.P. are scheduled for release in March – they’ll be found at Juno so keep an eye out!




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