Sawgood times

I’ve been buddies with Sawgood, A.K.A. Clement Mulot for a while now on Facebook, and he seems equally as bonkers in person as his music is. He comes from the Huoratron school of electro – i.e. evil / banging / pounding / death / nose bleed music.

For this latest release he seems to have toned it down a little (believe it or not), but it’s still loud, abrasive and thrashy – just the way you like it. And it’s nicely produced too. Good work monsieur. Catch the full release, plus his other stuff here on Beatport.

Sawgood – Sawsage

Sawgood – Rock It

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Sawgood here on WANARB in the next month or so!




3 Responses to “Sawgood times”

  1. Knockturnal Says:


  2. Have some of THAT.

  3. […] been fans of the French Electro producer for a while, having previously posted some of his stuff before. This latest EP takes his already fierce sound to new levels of darkness, featuring Electro, […]

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