Dan Le Sac Besti-mix

I never really paid much attention to Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip… until I was sent a review copy of their new album, The Logic Of Chance. I was actually surprised by how good the album is and I think I can now almost be classed as a fan. Actually I’m trying to work out if I am a fan or if I just fancy Scroobius Pip, who sounds as fit as he looks.

Anyway, this is a mix Dan Le Sac has done for Bestival’s Besti-blog. If you can stomach the irritating opening sample it’s a nice little listener with highlights being classics from LFO and a glitchtastic Dopplereffekt number. It’s certainly got me super excited about festival season kicking off!

Dan Le Sac – Besti-mix 05

The new album’s out March 15th, and they’re also doing a UK tour, probably hitting a town near you! blah blah blahhhhh

Kara Simsek.



01 Kid Carpet – Boob Job
02 LFO – Freak
03 Man With Guitar – Man With Guitar
04 Phonogenic – Together
05 Touche – The Paddle
06 Vitalic – La Rock 01
07 Mysterymen – Deg For Dco
08 We Thee – Final Too
09 We Thee – Truly
10 Yila feat. Polarbear – Freak On The Floor
11 Double 99 – Ripgroove
12 Half Pint – Green Light
13 Susumu Yokota – Re:Disco
14 Dopplereffekt – Pornoactress
15 Curtis Plum – Get On The Dancefloor

2 Responses to “Dan Le Sac Besti-mix”

  1. Scroobius Pip is a legend.

  2. Yeah. These guys are amazing!

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