The Duo throw a party!

Ello people of the internets!

The duo cordially invite you to dance away the weeks madness and sadness at a gala event the likes the world has never seen before!! Well not as extravagant as that, we’re on a budget. It’s a party there’s booze and people wanting to dance, ’nuff said really.

The events called PLAY DOH! It’s the bastard brain child of London’s newest DJ think tank, which we’re proud to be a part of.

Also residing with us are the likes of:

Mike Sunda who with recent gigs in Japan alongside the likes of Rory Phillips sets his sights on claiming the UK with his ever growing fan base.

HUAKAI : The Boy Wonder!! You cant go into a club without seeing a poster with this boys name on it these days. He’s played with some of the greats such as Jakwob, Mowgli and Erol Alkan.
Mixes here

Oh and tonight we’ve got a special guest lined up for you coz we’re just that great!
HALCYON is usually found at the more soulful and harmonic side of the drum & bass spectrum, but will instead be treating us to an exotic mix of House & Funky. After making serious shifts playing incendiary sets in the London university party scene he has furthered his reputation tearing apart dance floors from Sway and Penthouse to Love Bar, Oxford. Whether playing D&B or House, expect big things from this one.

Here are some tracks to get you in the mood:

Malente, Dex and New kidz – Lions (Douster remix)

Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro (feat M.I.A., Dj Znobia, and co)

Also here’s Huakai’s very latest mixtape

Details for the event can be found here

Peace and lovejelly

Big Shadowstep.


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