Introducing Graphics

Alfie MacGibbon aka Graphics, is an up and coming dubstep dj/producer hailing from oxford. We’re always looking for new producers who show potential in their music and this 17 year old boy definitely is! Graphics’ sounds are very unique, producing bass driven experimental dub tunes, with some very obvious electro sounds creeping through. He’s already stirring some hype up through blogs and is one to watch in 2010.

First up, we have Graphic’s remix of The XX’s track, one of my favourite dubstep tracks I’ve heard in a while He gives the song a completely new dimension, with hints of the original vocals and a very subtle wobble under the ambient sounds.

The XXShelter (Graphics Remix)

Next up is another one of Graphic’s remixes, another great track, however, a much more ‘wobble’ based track. Again with cut up vocals from the original.

Bat For LashesDaniel (Graphics Remix)

Last, but not least, we have one of his original productions for you.

GraphicsSpace Race

You can catch him playing at Kinetic Kids at Hidden on the 20th March, with the likes of Jojo De Freq, Tom Budden, The Others, Raffertie, Seven.

Get tickets here



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