Dirty weekend? Yeah, a right grimey one!

HazMat and Knockturnal might be going to Miami, but I’m off to Minehead! Yes, BLOC Weekend has FINALLY arrived! A weekend of techno… at Butlins! I went on holiday to a Butlins with my family once. It was a brief break – after my Mum saw a rat we had to leave – and to be honest, since then it’s always been fixed in my mind as a grimey place.

However, this weekend it’s gonna be full of the kinda grime you actually wanna see! Boy Better Know, JME, Skepta and Wiley are just some of the amazing people lined up. This version of Wiley and Chew Fu’s Take That featuring some of the above people has been around for a while now, but it still totally kills it. Below you’ll find a dubstep remix from Doorly and the original.

What a treat!

Wiley ft Chew Fu – Take That (Doorly dubstep remix)
Wiley ft Chew FuTake That

Kara Simsek.

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