Elite Force – Re:Vamped

Regular readers to the blog should by now, be well aware of Elite Force‘s latest project. We’ve been featuring him quite a bit over the last few months on WANARB, we were big fans of the Pre:Vamped series (the three tracks he released as free downloads) and we, like countless others, have been getting extremely excited by the hype that’s surrounded his new album. I am of course talking about Re:Vamped (released earlier this week) featuring Re:Mixed, Re:Fixed and Re:Vamped tracks from artists such as Wolfgang Gartner, The Propellerheads, Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Meat Katie, Popof, Bar9, & Bassbin Twins.

It’s been talked up massively, (and rightfully so) for it’s already received 5/5 from the majority of magazines and blogs that have reviewed it, even being heralded by one magazine as “one of the single most important, captivating and crucial mixes / albums of the new decade” – no mean feat when you consider we’re only 3 months into it!

Still want to listen to it before you part with your readies? You can, by streaming it directly from the Elite Force website via the link below.

Elite Force – Re:Vamped




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