2010 – year of the Breakbot (and Ed Banger?)

Ed Banger – W.A.N.A.R.B. salutes you. We had all thought that with the passing of the stomping French electro scene circa 2008, Ed Banger had nowhere to turn and was effectively doomed. A long time passed with no releases, and dance music trends moved away from the French sound that had dominated the world of electro. However, Busy P and co. had other ideas, and last year released a track called Interplanetary music by Mickey Moonlight. Fat disco-house: druggy enough to be played in a club, mellow enough to be played in a bar.

Well done them – keeping on top of the times. But then this comes along and blows EVERYTHING apart. Ed Bangers coming-of-age collides head on with Breakbots coming-of-age to give us a tune of astronomical proportions. Breakbot has always been a producer who is there or thereabouts, but now he is truly living up the potential that he’s been displaying for a while. I’ve had ‘Baby I’m Yours’ on repeat for 3 weeks now, I cannot stop listening to it. Truly amazing.

MOVE OVER JUSTICE – THIS IS THE NEW FRENCH SOUND!!! Summer ’10 is gonna be a good one boys and girls.

Breakbot – Baby I’m yours feat. Irfane

Now that you’ve fallen in love – try these out for size… Oh. My. God.

Air – So Light is Her Footfall (Breakbot remix)

PNAU – Baby (Breakbot mix)

Breakbot – Make You Mine feat. Irfane

Jan Turkenburg – In My Spacehip (Breakbot mix) Removed upon request of the artist

Vive la revolution




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