Highlights of our first year…

Man, it’s been over a week and I haven’t even had the chance to thank everyone for coming along to our warehouse party! I’M SORRY GUYS – THANKS FOR MAKING IT SUCH A SPECIAL NIGHT!!! Work has been a joke this last week – I had done 40 hours by the afternoon on Wednesday…

ANYWAY – what an amazing night it was! Apologies to those who couldn’t get in, we were 40 over capacity by 12.30 – meaning that even those who had bought tickets were getting turned away (if you would like a refund, please email me direct – matt@wearenotarockband.com and I’ll sort it out for you). Writers, best pals, pr’s and anyone on the guest list also suffered the same fate. Lesson learned? Bigger venue next time. Either way – different venue next time – we had LOADS of problems with the club. They kept turning the music down to a point where you could talk over it at some points! WTF?! Fear not – there won’t be the same problem at our next party…

So, that’s our first year done! And what a year was – starting off as a one man ‘band‘, We Are Not a Rock Band has grown into a blog with around 15 writers – and counting. I made a little compilation CD of the highlights from our first year, which you download if you click below!

We were handing CD’s out at our party (like the one you can see above), there are a few left if anyone wants one? Email us your addresses and we’ll send one to you for free (there are limited numbers, obviously). Or you can download it below…

Highlights of the 1st year – Compilation CD

To be honest, I could’ve made two CD’s of my highlights of our first year. Here’s some of the ones that didn’t make it onto but were MASSIVE tunes for me all year…

Dusin Zahn – Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium mix) – obliterating techno

Escape from New York – Fire in my heart – AMAZING 80’s disco tune

Plugs – All Them Witches – Guitarist / Singer from Does It Offend You, Yeah??’s new band

Kap Bambino – Batcaves – Insane French duo

Proxy – Dancing in the dark (Dubstep refix) – Token filthy dubstep

Phoenix – Fences – The tune of my France road trip with Matt Barker and The Veev

Bat For Lashes – Daniel – Beautiful track

Ladyhawke – Magic – My fave off her album


1. Golden Silvers – True Romance (True No. 9 Blues): 2009 was a great year for these guys, after having gone from complete obscurity to releasing an AMAZING album and then topping off their summer by supporting Blur at Hyde park. This is one of our favourites off the album.

2. Mr. Oizo – Two Takes It (Ft. Carmen Castro): How can you cast your mind back over the last year and not think Mr. Oizo? OK – so his last album was released a month before our birth, and admittedly it had been on repeat for about 4 months prior to that – but this tune got blasted all year long and stands out as one of the best tunes off a monster album. We heart Oizo.

3. Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing: 2010 is going be a good year for this dude. His reputation is growing fast and he’s creating waves in the synth / electro pop scene.  Believe it or not, this song is a B-side to one of his singles – but ended up being one of mine, AK47’s and WANARB’s top tunes of 2009.

4. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jakwob remix): By now, you’ve probably all heard of Ellie Goulding. She’s gonna be / already is massive. But it’s the remix here that we’re interested in – it’s the token dubstep track of the birthday CD. This was probably the hardest to decide on – because dirty, evil dubstep is 4thlevelzombie’s forte. However, this tune is simply a MASSIVE anthem so it had to go on.

5. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby: For me, this band were one of the revelations of 2009. They are a group of New Yorkers who create sublime, soulful disco. Despite every single they released off their album being amazing – ‘Baby’ for me is already an all time classic.

6. Yeasayer – Ambling Alp: Ok, ok – technically, this tune shouldn’t actually be on this CD because it never actually made it onto the blog. We were never able to get clearance for it. Also, we’ve been trying to interview these guys but it keeps falling through!! Dammit. We’ll get them one day… All that aside, Ambling Alp is one of the tunes of the year.

7. DJ Zinc – Blunt Edge: Everyone knows this tune. But not everyone knows that we were the first website on this planet to get our hands on it and blog it. I thank you. Don’t believe us? Go to Elbo.ws, type in the track and see for yourself.

8. Martin Solveig – One 2.3 Four (Popof remix): Apparently Mr. Solveig is a big fan We Are Not a Rock Band! In fact, such a fan that he agreed to release two of his remixes EXCLUSIVELY through us (and when we heard one of them was by Popof, I nearly had a heart attack! Popof is by far my favourite techno producer). We’re a very lucky blog indeed. So – the only place in the world you can pick up the Laidback Luke and Popof mix of this tune is on our blog. Consider it as a guilt free download…

9. Hiroki Esashika – Kazane (Disco of Doom remix): You probably heard this belter of a tune later on at our party (if you lasted that long). This is an utter stomper and Disco of Doom look set to create big waves in the electro scene over the next year.

10. The Human League – What Dreams Are Made Of (Original dub edit): I cannot begin to describe how amazing this mix of the song is. The Human League are legends, and this is the perfect way to end our CD (‘cos it’s not like there’s a cheeky secret song or anything…)

* Phew – that’s a hefty list. Hope you like 🙂


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  1. like it? love it Monty

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