Howdi and welcome to WANARB’s first report from South By South West, Austin Texas. As you may know, this is THE premier music industry festival in the world. Nearly 2000 bands are playing across 80 stages spread over 5 days. The music festival is also flanked either side by a film festival and an interactive festival where companies such as Apple, Facebook and Twitter will be giving keynote speeches.

I arrived here 2 days ago and am here for the music. My band The Coolness has a slot TODAY at Emo’s Annex, Downtown Austin. I’m busy preparing for that … infact i’m in Office Depot printing posters and doing this! Multi-tasking like a bitch!

Last night we stopped by the Bristish Music Industry’s HQ ‘Latitude 30’ where I caught a set by Unicorn Kid. He dropped a couple’a dubstep tracks in though it mostly consisted of electro-pop in a simmilar vein to Frankmusik. He had some interesting lion headwear too. The crowd really buzzed off of the energy he put out onstage.

Next I took a walk down 6th Street which is about a mile long and almost every building front had a show on and people outside. The festival hadn’t even started last night so i expect it will be mad busy tonight. We checked out our venue (v.nice) and postered the hell out it. After a bit of that we went back to Latitude 30 and caught WANARB favourites Fenech Soler. They absolutely killed it and by the time ‘Lies’ was played the packed crowd were bouncing off the ceiling (the free bar may have helped). Good luck to them and all the other UK acts.

Keep checking back for the next reports from SXSW 2010


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