Kavinsky + Daft Punk + Sebastian + CSS = massive win

So, those of you who read my last post know that I’m having a mini (potentially enormous) French renaissance right now – and these bad boys are no exception. In terms of calibre, I would be surprised if there’s another song with this kind of star studded line-up released this year. Kavinsky (Record Makers) dreamed it up, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk omg omg omg!!) produced it, Sebastian (Ed Banger) mixed it and Lovefoxxx (CSS) provided the vocals! Wow. So surely with a line up of this magnitude it HAS to be utterly amazing? Correct. It’s sensational. It’s a low-slung, down-tempo beast of a tune, with vocals to drift off to.

At the moment you can only buy it on limited 7″ Vinyl from record maker (see links below). Go grab yourself a copy – well worth the purchase. We’re not allowed to share this but you can feast your ears nonetheless.

I’m LOVING this sound at the moment – can’t get enough of it.  Looks like our trip to Miami next week is going to have a French accent…

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway




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