The Electro Wars – The Blog House Revolution

Before I start this post, I’d first like to introduce myself.  My name is Sarah Karp Ward or just SKW.  I’d describe myself as a Fashion Designer by day, music enthusiast by night, bacon lover, secret softy, kitty cat obsessed, Twitter addict and an oversocial twenty something living in New York City.

Those who love electronic music are familiar with the term BLOG HOUSE and often (and for good reason) make fun of it. I am guilty of being a fan of the “genre” and I can’t get enough of all the remix love I find on Hype Machine. I have noticed that in comparison to year’s past, electro DJs/producers are getting more recognization and bigger and better parties at WMC. I completely believe that this blog house revolution has a lot to do with this. I came across this interesting documentary called The Electro Wars that will be debuted at WMC and I will be there for the third year in a row and really I want to try to catch it. The documentary interviews DJ, producers and musicians about this whole electro and blog house revolution. It used to be that good quality music could only be produced on expensive equipment but now with the new technologies, it is literally produced in people’s bedrooms. The question asked is “how has the music industry been affected by this and how will they be affected by this in the future?”


“It is unquestionable that the Electro genre has reached a broader American audience in the last two years. I am determined to document the scene and its participants, show the inner workings of the genre and what it will eventually evolve into. The notion to document this genre was conceived in 2008 after reading a blog post with the same title ‘Electro Wars’ featured on the Hipster Runoff. The post was a sarcastic outlook on electro/house artists in the United States and Europe, and their impact on mainstream music here in the United States. I found a substantial concept within the snarky commentary and decided to assemble these “electro soldiers”. It seems that every other day a new remix is popping up on the blogosphere, how does this affect marketing for other independent artists? Do they welcome the remixes or oppose them? Is music overload possible? What will eventually happen when all these budding producers grab a hold of a Pro Tools tutorial and develop their own remixes week in and week out? Will the remix itself become obsolete? Will original tracks have to step up to the forefront rather than recede into the background? Themes of this nature are explored in the film” -The Electro Wars

2 Responses to “The Electro Wars – The Blog House Revolution”

  1. I look forward to watching in Miami! That’s if I’m not stomping to a bit of blog house at the time….

  2. adrianlondon Says:

    That is pretty damn good! Loved that! How many heads were in that, EVERYONE!

    How come Kanye Got pissed of that some band remixed or did Love Lock Down?? Any answers?

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