WANARB @ SXSW (Part 3)

Good Morning from Texas!

What an insane but brilliant few days! Last night I was on a sleeper bus with 50 people singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of our lungs, 6 hours previous I was setting up a gig in a shop and the night before that I was sorting a show at a house party which was like the film Return to the Valley of the Dolls. I’ve become the All American Consumer and bought a bunch of crap (state shaped belt buckle anyone?!) but I feel like rooting through thrift stores is a good way to spend time especially when teaming it with a bit of Texas BBQ!

So onto the music … in the past couple of days I saw a very tight and theatrical The Good, The Bad at the Danish party on 6th Street who were closely followed by The Kissaway Trail. The venue was a tiny outside marquee and there were only 50 or so people there. Crystal Fighters played a couple of shows at the luxurious Phoenix and the massive Pure Volume yesterday …. interview coming soon! I saw MEN who ripped it up. She Wants Revenge are pretty amazing live, pretty popular in America and they had one of the better stages at the usually gay ‘Rusty Spurs‘ venue. The Scissor Sisters would have been but their vocal mics were too low. That outside stage at Stubbs (one of Austin’s premier venues) was cool – about 2000 people there and some nice stage tricks (lighting, costume changes etc.) Muse played there the night before, but much like The XX at Mohawks, the place was packed to the rafters.

I have never been in a town with as many venues as this. People’s houses and shops become venues and even usually there are about 50 music venues + all the tents at SXSW. Austin is known as ‘The Home of Live Music’ – I can totally see why. I might get another chance to post whilst I’m here but if not, i’ll get back with a photo, video and interview roundup >>>


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  2. […] WANARB @ SXSW (Part 3) « we are not a rock band […]

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