Wish you were here…

It’s a strange couple of weeks for W.A.N.A.R.B. Pretty much all of us are off on holiday somewhere, meaning that all is going to be quiet on the blog front in the next week or two…

Knockturnal and myself are currently in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, where we shall stay until Tuesday. After this, we have a week in New York (excited!!!). AK47 is currently in Oz, Bert is in SXSW with his band, Kara Simsek is off Snowbombing and Maxiwinnipeg will be hitch hiking to Morrocco!! Lucky us.

We had a shit load of interviews lined up with DJ’s, but so far all have them have gone TOTALLY out of the window. Cancellations, DJ’s running late, us partying our asses off and me losing my iPhone (gutted) are to blame. Fear not though – it is our mission to bring amazing stuff to you by the time we return to the UK!

One thing that is guaranteed, is that we’re already looking forward to our return next year. This place is unreal.

Muchos love – wish you were all here



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